....of emotions, is what I am right now.

I hate how the week of finals is also the last week you have with everybody at college before a really really long break. That was how it was at Christmas, and it’s even worse now because Summer is three times as long. It makes me just want to go hug all my friends close and do things like get in the word at Blackbird with a friend and let our studies go as long as we want without a worry of time, lay on front campus in the grass and listen to good music (but only in one ear because your friend has the other earbud), and have jam sessions with all my music buddies. I hate that the focus of this week (for EVERYBODY!) is study study study; I mean, as it rightfully should be, but I hate that the last I see of all these people is....well, studying, because everyone claims to be too stressed out to do anything really fun. 

 I want to sit down and write a legit post about everything I’ve been thinking about lately. I need to spill everything out. but alas, i have to study for two finals and finish homework.
So consider this the start of a hopefully meaningful, at least to me, post.

Don’t you hate how you can feel so confident about something one day and then one little thing can change everything? 

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