May all your wanderings this week, kind friends, cup the fragile for He does not "brush aside the bruised and the hurt and he won't disregard the small and insignificant."
(Isa. 42:3)

Full Week!!

Today is monday! ("Monday Monday...dah dah, dah dah dah dah...So good to me" Am I the only one that thinks of songs with each thing I say??)

Anyways, today starts a very, very busy week! Three tests + a few quizzes over the lovely 1984, that we're reading in English to make up today from being sick this week, yoga this afternoon, and then Choral Union tonight!! Woo! Repeat tomorrow, then play call-backs!! Every afternoon this week, auditions for Annie are stiilllll going on. Fun!

Friday, I'm babysitting! And then Saturday, I'm babysitting again! (except from 6am-7pm). But I couldn't think of a better way to spend my weekend, I LOVE babysitting!

So regardless to say, I've got quite a busy week scheduled, and that's okay, because it will be fun. Oh, and to add to the excitement, I just learned I have ONE follower for this blog!! WOO HOO!! It's nice to know someone's reading:)

Have a wonderful Monday!



The Ultimant Gift

This past year, my eyes have really been opened to all of the wonderful, easy, simple charities that exist that almost no one knows about, but help in drastic ways. So, I'm going to display some that might be worth your time.

First of all, at the top of my wishlist right now are TOMS shoes,
these gloriously cute navy canvas shoes.....love.
TOMS is soooo cool because with every pair of (adorably cute) shoes that you buy, they give a pair of brand new shoes to a child in need. "One for One." That's awesome. I encourage you to buy. Yes, $44 might not be the best bargain out there, but you're buying two pairs of shoes, one for yourself, but also one for a child who runs around barefoot on who knows what kind of ground. I know they would be so grateful.


Second Semester Senior! Or not?

This post was written (obvsiously) a very long time ago...but it brings back great memories so I'm posting it anyways!

(alternative title: Snow Days!)

So, Tuesday I started my last semester in high school...ever. Went to school Tuesday. Wednesday. Then Thursday came, and everything was normal until IT STARTED SNOWING!! (ahem...very, very rare for this part of the country). SO, we got out of school at 12 and were off to go play in the snow. YAY
My little sister and I went home, bundled up, and played outside for a little while. Then we went over to my favorite neighbor's house, Julie. Completely and utterly shocked, I found the kids, in their pajamas, YET to go outside! (probably 3pm at this point) What had they been doing all this time, while a slight blizzard (blizzard to the south) was going on right outside their window?!

Watching Star Wars for probably the 18th time. My sister and I thought NO WAY! And when we asked them repeatedly to go outside, they kept crying no. So we finally dragged them out and had a ton of fun!! Here's a glimpse of the day..