Full Week!!

Today is monday! ("Monday Monday...dah dah, dah dah dah dah...So good to me" Am I the only one that thinks of songs with each thing I say??)

Anyways, today starts a very, very busy week! Three tests + a few quizzes over the lovely 1984, that we're reading in English to make up today from being sick this week, yoga this afternoon, and then Choral Union tonight!! Woo! Repeat tomorrow, then play call-backs!! Every afternoon this week, auditions for Annie are stiilllll going on. Fun!

Friday, I'm babysitting! And then Saturday, I'm babysitting again! (except from 6am-7pm). But I couldn't think of a better way to spend my weekend, I LOVE babysitting!

So regardless to say, I've got quite a busy week scheduled, and that's okay, because it will be fun. Oh, and to add to the excitement, I just learned I have ONE follower for this blog!! WOO HOO!! It's nice to know someone's reading:)

Have a wonderful Monday!

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