Second Semester Senior! Or not?

This post was written (obvsiously) a very long time ago...but it brings back great memories so I'm posting it anyways!

(alternative title: Snow Days!)

So, Tuesday I started my last semester in high school...ever. Went to school Tuesday. Wednesday. Then Thursday came, and everything was normal until IT STARTED SNOWING!! (ahem...very, very rare for this part of the country). SO, we got out of school at 12 and were off to go play in the snow. YAY
My little sister and I went home, bundled up, and played outside for a little while. Then we went over to my favorite neighbor's house, Julie. Completely and utterly shocked, I found the kids, in their pajamas, YET to go outside! (probably 3pm at this point) What had they been doing all this time, while a slight blizzard (blizzard to the south) was going on right outside their window?!

Watching Star Wars for probably the 18th time. My sister and I thought NO WAY! And when we asked them repeatedly to go outside, they kept crying no. So we finally dragged them out and had a ton of fun!! Here's a glimpse of the day..

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