Another Tidbit from Farm 255.

Under the "Press" section of their website, they link to an article on Sustainable Table that talks about their mission and more of what they've got going on,:

"We try our hardest to consider and reconsider all of these variables in our purchasing decisions, and come up with a definition for "sustainable" that is responsive, flexible, and specific to the context of each purchase. We prioritize buying locally because small, human-scale food systems present solutions to many of the problems we see plaguing our environment, our health, and our economy right now. It may sound like a high-minded aspiration for a restaurant, but we believe that if we eat food that hasn't lost its vitamins and minerals, and that hasn't been treated with antibiotics and hormones, we as a population won't get as sick or as fat as we have been getting; we believe that if we purchase from local farmers and purveyors, we'll do our part to mitigate the overall environmental effects of industrial agriculture and a globalized food system."

"Eating well means that your food should be carefully, but not necessarily complicatedly, prepared; it means that you have done no harm to the earth, and maybe even some good, in choosing to eat what you have; it means, perhaps most importantly, not being harmed by your food, unknowingly and without recourse. We at farm 255 believe that eating "sustainably" means asking these questions, and making thoughtful, well-educated choices everyday."

Tamar Adler & Olivia Sargeant
Chefs, farm 255Athens, Georgia

Right on folks, right on. 

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