Paper Rosie Hair Pin Tutorial!

This is such a cute but yet sophisticated rose and can be used to embellish picture frames, cards, or hair clips! Think of all the lovely cardstock papers you could use to make these beauties fit any occasion!

You will need..
-Squares of card stock in whatever color you want your rose to be (it doesn't necessarily need to be a square, you just need to be able to cut a circle out of whatever you start with)
-Fast drying glue (I use a hot glue gun)
-Green Cardstock-enough to make a few leaves
-Bobby Pin
-Matte Acrylic Spray Sealer (krylon works)

1. Gather all materials together
2.Take one colored sheet of card stock, and draw a big spiral swirl. It does not matter how big it is, and it absolutely doesn't need to be perfect. Draw 2 leaf shapes on the green cardstock

3. Next, Cut out along the lines of the spiral swirl, starting at the outside point. (obviously from my example, it REALLY does not have to be perfect!). Cut out the leaves

4. Starting at the outside of the swirl, begin to tightly roll the swirl together. Keep the spiral held tight.
5.When you get to the center nub, let go of what you've just rolled up! (Trust me here) It will all uncoil ever so slightly to a natural rose.
6. Put a dab of glue on the little nub (the center of the spiral,) pushing the whole rose down onto the nub for a few seconds just to secure everything in place.
7. Slide bobby pin on to one leaf then place it on top of the second leaf and glue to the flower

8. Spray the entire paper flower and leaves with the sealer let dry 15 minutes and spray again. This makes the bloom waterproof and allows you to wear it again and again.
So sweet!

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