Take Me Back To Childhood...a trip down memory lane

alt. title---Fun *Babysitter* Friday!

I am the third child out of four, and when we were younger, one of our absolute favorite things to do was to make forts. Every kind imaginable, and in every place imaginable (nana, we're still sorry about that fort on your roof..in case you're ready to forgive us now). We'd always listen to our favorite radio show once we were all settled in the fort, Adventures In Odyssey, which is a Christian based show all centered around the kids in (...wait for it...) Odyssey. Whit, the old man that runs an ice cream shop/hang-out, is always working on inventions and one of them was the Imagination Station, where the kids could go back to Bible times and relive stories. I liked to pretend that our forts were the Imagination Station. Just for humor/enjoyment....

So, since I've been babysitting so much lately, I've had a hankering to make a fort.
I made a fort with these 3 adorable children, but of course we needed snacks! Recipe for some delicious popcorn:
You will need:

popcorn kernels

Honey, cinnamon
chopped apple pieces, sprinkled generously with cinnamon

a teensy bit of vegetable oil

pot with matching lid
and last but not least...

one very hungry child. :)

1. Put the popcorn kernels in the pot and pour a little bit of vegetable oil in, place the lid on securely, then turn the stove on medium heat

2. Shake the pot every few seconds to make sure the popcorn doesn't burn.

3. Once all of the kernels have popped, take the pot off the stove eye and add the apples into the mix. Take the honey and pour as much as you want on the popcorn, then sprinkle some more cinnamon in.

4. Turn the stove off, but put the pot back on the heat and stir the popcorn and apples until the stove is completely cooled. This should make your apples look more like baked apples, and the popcorn will have a nice coating of cinnamon and honey. The longer you stir, the less sticky the popcorn.

^Your popcorn and apples should look something like this!

5. Make sure the popcorn/apple mixture is very cooled before serving, then you're ready! (also, don't forget napkins!)

6. Hand it to the (by now very, VERY) hungry child

7. Enjoy! Eat it in your fort while watching a movie, and, in my opinion, this is WAY better than any movie theater!! :)

p.s.-sorry for such bad quality pictures...
How were you a fun mom this week? (or fun babysitter..). Link up with Moriah at Please Pass the Salt!


  1. That recipe looks TASTY! And it sounds like you had a fun time!

    Have you ever been to Focus on the Family in Co Springs? It's just down the road from me so we go often, but the entire downstairs is patterned after that A in O series. They have a dress-up room, a studio where you can read/record your own A in O program, and a soda shop called Whit's End. VERY cute. Put it on your list for "someday" if you've never been there!

  2. Your popcorn recipe looks delicious! What an awesome babysitter!!! And, I agree, I still think there's nothing better than a great fort!

  3. I have heard of it! I've wanted to go ever since we were little! We went to Pike's Peak which is really close, but didn't have time to go to Focus on the Family too. But that sounds awesome! I'd love to see the "real" Whit's End!