Gorgeous Floor Tutorial

I am so blessed to have been able to get to know a lot of young moms from my church who have become such amazing role models and almost like older sisters. Mindy, who helps a lot with our youth group, has the most compassionate, caring, and thoughtful heart, and I have loved having a friendship with her the past few years. She's had a little trouble with floors the past few months, and, after what looks like a lot of sweat and tears, they now have the most authentic, gorgeous floors I've seen in a while. Her daughter can't have carpet due to allergies, so they decided they could paint the plywood that was underneath the carpet. I mean, who woulda ever thought of something so genious?!?! Please, check out her awesome cool blog that shows how they did it. Ooooh it makes me excited just thinking about it. Here's her round 2, after complications (even more reason to admire her). Great job, Mindy!!!

(now i just need to know...how much to do mine?)

^Go over to Three Ring Cottage for another floor painting tutorial. Not nearly as rockin' as Mindy's though...(just sayin').

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  1. haha! Wow, Ellen! You are so sweet. Thanks....um they did kinda turn out yellowish though. But I think I finally know how to not have that happen! *sigh* Live and learn!