Happy Friday + a fresh update

Happy Friday all!! I have been having waaaayy too many blah days lately, c'mon, you know what I mean, right? So, no more lazy days of summer for me, because two weeks from today I have my first college audition!! Here is how I feel about it:
Yep. I'm pretty scared, especially since today's the first day in a while I've really hunkered down and practiced for a lot of hours. Here is what i'm working towards...

Ok, please don't think i'm bragging a ton by showing you that, but LET ME TELL YOU, thats to show you how much work I have to do!! That's why i'm freaking, thats a valid reason, don't you think?! It will be a doozy.

You Capture-Play.

love having a friend that likes to play with my makeup :)

Love these girls. Would be ready to adopt them as younger sisters in a heartbeat:)

^Spoons. Taken a big chunk of my time this summer. ^Love me some Kathy.

^(b&w picture) I look like a complete goober in this picture, but I love these girls to death, would you guess they're twins?

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