Hellooooo! I’m alive! I promise!

Hello to whomever is reading this blog! It has been a pathetic 4 MONTHS since I last posted, and for this I feel terribly. Although I have not published anything publicly, I have thought about this blog several times guiltily, but have also started to question what I really would like to get out of blogging. I would like to still randomly post like I have been about my life, but slowly move in the direction of a craft blog, since that is what I have been up to lately. Well, since we’re being honest, this blog is a reflection of the little things that I find pretty, colorful, good reads or inspirational. There are no boundaries as to what can please my eye and I like to pay it forward to other people. You may be thinking, well that sounds like what a Tumblr is! But no, I don’t have a Tumblr, and if you don’t like what I post, well, then get over it. (ha! sorry..)

For those newbies out there (because I see I have some new followers...yay, gettin’ on up there!! :D), here’s a tad bit about me, and by tad I mean this just scratches the surface, if you want to get to know me more then please...ask! :)

I am seriously obsessed with oldies music, dolphins, wint-o-green lifesaver mints, and old VW bugs. I’m working on my piano skills, but can more often than not be found crafting the day away using the tshirt a roomie threw in the garbage and other recycled materials of the like. I think a good outfit and a note written to give a friend can drastically turn around any down-in-the dumps mood. I love spending time with my family, as well as the many honorary families that I get the privilege of babysitting. I get seriously upset when I think about how fast time goes by and that good times from the past are over, but am almost always instantly comforted when I remind myself that my life is just a blip in the huge span of eternity that my creator has planned :). And of course, I love blogging, reading other people’s blogs and being constantly inspired. I don’t know if I want to put a label on “what” kind of blog this is necessarily, but for the time being it’ll serve mainly as a catalog (mainly for me) of my life, beautiful things, and interesting tid bits I think deem sharing. So...enjoy, and here’s to hoping you’ll be hearing from me more frequently!

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