You are not meant for crawling so don’t. You have wings-learn to use them and fly.

title: Rumi.

Interesting article over at MAKE about supporting local libraries and their potential for continued growth.

Mobilizing Project TV on Vimeo: "Philadelphia's Campaign for Nonviolent Schools has been actively promoting nonviolent student leaders by using the traditions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ghandi as models.”

Really interesting: Let Kids Rule the School: "I recently followed a group of eight public high school students, aged 15 to 17, in western Massachusetts as they designed and ran their own school within a school.”

Using art to raise awareness: "For more than a century the world has been haunted with harsh reoccurring events of genocide. After viewing memorials of these horrible atrocities that occurred in Rwanda in 1994, art professor Lauren Sleat has taken it upon herself to raise awareness through artwork. The awarewness is not only for the genocide that took place in Rwanda, but also for genocide and crimes against humanity all over the world.”

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