Photo Dump

Pictures from the past few months. 
Fun babysitting activity=jumping on the trampoline to “try to take cool pictures"

These three were from my last day of Spring Break at one of my favorite places ever, Julie’s House. She made that dress Ruth is wearing! 

Snapped this at the library one day, where I’ve been living, basically. 

One week at Blue Book, a lot of guys from Campus Outreach just walked up and said, We just want you to know how much we appreciate you, and love you as your brothers in Christ. And then they gave flowers. How awesome is that? 
Also in the Library, one of my friends modeling a new headband.
Pictures from Earthfest start here, this is Kristian, who I got the pleasure of hanging out with more this weekend! We’re both in Environmental Science Club together, and she’s a pretty awesome chick! I was so happy when she came with me to New City Sunday morning.

Beautiful friends, modeling the headbands they purchased! 

This was a new experience for me, this past Sunday New City did their first baptismal service. Here is one of my good friends, Summer, getting baptized! Such an amazing thing to witness. 
One of the first things planned for Earthfest, river cleanup. Here’s the team afterwards. I heard we collected approximately 800 pounds of trash! 

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