No, I’m not yelling at you with that title. But seriously, whoever’s reading this, you have GOT to watch this. John Piper’s talking in the beginning makes this video incredible.
I could listen to this video every morning before I leave. and. never. get. tired. of. it.
"As you begin to copy the carbon copies of Christ 
And conform to his written image you should be shinning a light 
If you not, why is that? 
Is it fear that's been grippin' you 
Cause you scared they'll be dissin' you 
Flipping birds while that spit at you 
If you not, why is that? 
It don't matter so bump it 
Perfect love cast out fear and he ain't save us for nothing 
This is a privilege (privilege) 
Your life to give to him (give to him) 
So stand firm for him dawg and lets get it in”

Awesome. We’ve got an Awesome God. 


  1. E-- i'm so stinking proud of you for living out loud. No regrets, girl! God is glorified in you!